"…for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her." (Proverbs 8:11)
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Make a You-Turn

Some years ago, I was really into astrology. I mean, REALLY into astrology. I had a shelf full of books on the subject, I attended workshops to learn how to interpret the movement of the planets, and I would spend hours on the Internet creating astrological charts based on the birthdates of friends and family members.

astrological-chartSince that time, I have of course come to realize that astrology — like so many mystical and New Age teachings — is a load of bunk. But, for a number of years, it held enormous appeal for me, because it helped quell my anxieties.

Astrology made me feel powerful; it gave me a sense of control. If I could just interpret the stars correctly, I would know what was coming at me — I could be prepared. Computer crashed? Must be the planet Mercury rising. Challenges communicating with a co-worker? It’s because they were born under a constellation that makes them bullheaded and proud. (Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my attitude.)

All of this came to mind recently when I saw the description for a group on Facebook called the New Thought Movement. [Read more →]

January 7, 2009   4 Comments

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

If you were sitting in a movie theater and somebody yelled “Fire!”, would you run into the bathroom? Would you run into the projector room? Would you head for the supply closet? Probably not. My guess is, if someone sounded the alarm and you smelled smoke, you would run toward the EXIT sign. There’s usually a door right next to the screen, and the answer to your prayers is spelled out for you clear as day: E-X-I-T. This is the way out. This is the way to safety.

Now, what if the person you are with really, really wants you to run toward the bathroom? What if they believe, with all passion and conviction, that the door to the bathroom is the door to safety? “Here’s the a door!” they exclaim. “This is the way out!”

If you knew that the bathroom had no windows or other means of egress, would you follow them in? Again, probably not. Regardless of the person’s passion, regardless of their conviction, that door just ain’t gonna get you to safety. Quite the opposite. Sure, you’ll leave the theater, but you will be trapped in another place and will likely burn to death. Not pretty.

It’s nice to think that every door will get us to where we want to go. But, just because it’s a door doesn’t mean it’s the right door. Sadly, this analogy illustrates the backward thinking of millions of Americans. In fact, a recent survey of more than 35,000 adults found that the majority believe more than one religion can lead to heaven. Remarkably, of those participants who attend an evangelical Christian church, more than half stated that belief in Christ is not the only way to eternal life. [Read more →]

June 23, 2008   2 Comments